We are a group of people that want to
make a difference in the world, by doing
business with honesty, integrity and compassion.
All of our staff members are employees of BOND CLEAN QLD Cleaning Service.
We are all Bonded, insured and are covered by Worker's Compensation.
Our Great Team has many years of experience in every aspect of Cleaning.
Our Cleaning Specialists come to us with 3 to 5 years of professional experience.
Our Management and Supervisory Team is a group of professionals that
have decades of experience in cleaning, client services, customer care,
project management, people management, estimating cleaning and
maintenance situations, businesses development and personal
We know how to care for and support our staff so that they can,
in turn, care for you.
Our Client Care Team is 100% here for you They are experts at
understanding a wide variety of cleaning and household needs.
As Cleaning Assessment experts they will guide you through the
Estimate process, assist you in setting up your account and help you
make the best decision about how much time and what kind of
cleaning or home services you need.
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